Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 the year of the predictable.

It really has been a great year to start. So was last year. Spending NYE of 2014 in Charleston, SC was a dream and to ring in the New Year was even better! I love that city for so many different reasons. I spent New Years Day 2015 on the beach of Sullivan's Island. I didn't want to leave, I hated coming back to Atlanta. I'm trying to remain positive about this year despite the outcome of last year, it didn't end well. It was truly the year of the unpredictable. Maybe I was just having an off year, although I was overwhelmed with so much emotion, confusion, hurt, loneliness and isolation. This year will be different. I declare that I will find love. More of God, and just more happiness in general. Taking that jump and doing what I love the most despite what society tells me I "should" be doing. I hope to just be me and be happy with what I enjoy doing the most. Sorry guys, I don't have a degree at 'Bama, UGA or Florida but that's ok. I've learned that I am enough. That I'm smart enough, I have a desire to learn and grow in the field I have more of a passion for, and because I'm worth so much more than just sitting behind a desk. I also want to connect with females more and make some closer girl friends. I want to travel more, and go to Cancun at some point this year! Girls trip? Maybe! No more fear. I'm not going to be enslaved to the what ifs, and the 9-5 paycheck, no way. It's time. Time to live life.