Friday, March 28, 2014

2013 & 2014 Cupcake Trends

The decadent cupcake has had a revival in recent years, pushing traditional sponges out of the limelight. There has been a phenomenal increase in the number of specialist shops and businesses offering custom designed cupcakes with exotic flavors and sophisticated decorations. More unique and original ideas are being created and the interest around baking has surged from TV programs and competitions. Multitudes of cupcakes are now replacing more traditional celebration cakes as well as redefining high tea. These are the key cupcake trends to watch out for the 2013 & 2014 year. Recenetly, in an Entrepreneur article, Andrew Freeman, CEO of a San Francisco-based hospitality consulting firm, predicted that cupcakes, donuts and croissants were on their way out for 2014 and ice cream sandwiches, biscuits and unusual food combinations like the ramen burger and dessert pizza are on the rise. In my opinion, I truly believe that even if the trend of cupcakes slows down--- it will never "go out." Creme Brulee, It has finally made it's way into bakeries around the country! I almost feel like I started this trend back in 2011 with the help of a friend who actually inspired me to try this incredible idea, in turn it became one of the most popular cupcakes ordered off of my menu-- It's nice to see that it has made it's way to the top in other places, around the globe. I think this will always be the PERFECT cupcake for a wedding. Not to mention, many different ways as to how you can go about make this amazing piece of art. Rose & Pearl, These dainty little treasures would tie in beautifully if the bride chose a pink rose bouquet and wore pearls as her ‘something borrowed’. The elements of roses and pearls are both traditional wedding features as well as being so classically elegant, so they make the ideal wedding cupcakes. Silver foil cake cases only add to the cakes’ class and style and will look so pretty on the cake stand as they reflect the light. This will be a huge trend in 2014. Naked Cakes, These little cupcakes are going back to basics with minimal or no decoration. The flavors are left to speak for themselves and are often more unusual and exotic. Sometimes two flavors of colors of sponge are marbled together to create a beautiful swirled effect and a fusion of flavors. Occasionally a little bit of butter cream may be added for extra flavor, but no sprinkles or gold leaf here! Hidden Surprise, This is a trend that translates to larger cakes as well; but the idea is to keep things simple on the outside and make the most of the hidden inside. Patterns, different colors and hidden chocolate, fruit or jams are all amongst the surprises embedded behind the simple icing and cases. The outside of the cakes are always minimal, usually in one color with few decorations and neatly piped icing. The inside becomes a gala of flavors, textures and colors. With this trend, as long as it is on the inside; anything goes! Romantic Decorations, These are most suitable at a wedding or celebration, or if you’re just feeling particularly decadent. The decorations have a romantic edge, with edible lace and icing gently folded to make ruffles. These cupcakes are both beautiful and delicate. Pale colors and subtle flavors really give this trend a vintage feel and they are extra appealing because they are easy to achieve at home! Pastel Colors, More and more people are opting for color instead of the traditional white decorations for their celebration cakes. Pastel colors in icing have become particularly popular because of their their softer tones and pretty, summery shades. Subtly colored sponges or fruity decorations are a good idea for the less obvious nod to this trend. Intricate Additions, Alternatively, there has been a lot of focus on sugar craft and the possibility of making virtually anything to adorn your cake. Whether it is an elaborate storybook scene, tiny lifelike sculptures of a bride and groom or perfectly piped butter cream, cake making is becoming more and more of an art form. Even the cupcake boxes are beautifully designed! Vintage, Paying homage to era’s past, wedding cakes will be showing muted colours, ruffles and lace. Lace on wedding cakes will dominate 2013 & 2014 styles as embellishments, edging and overall icing design. Mimicking bridal dresses including corsets, ruffles and lace details, will be also be very popular and will be seen accented with jewels and bling! Mint, Mint green made a start in 2012, and it’s popularity will continue to grow in 2013 & 2014. Cupcakes and cakes coloured mint, with matching elaborations will be popular on cake tables this year. Pairing the colour mint with the flavour, chocolate cakes filled with mint buttercream will create the perfect match. Lace wedding cakes acquire more and more popularity nowadays. This could be explained by the romantic and soft appeal and charm they add to the wedding reception. Lace, Lace Wedding cakes aquire more and more popularity nowadays. This could be explained by the romantic and soft appeal and charm they add to the wedding reception. The lace wedding cakes are able to suit the wedding receptions in distinct styles: if you want to stick to the traditional reception, simply opt for the white lace with the vintage feel. In case you plan a modern-type celebration, go fo the fabric-inspired cakes. Rustic, Rustic looks are going to be a big trend in 2014, and simple cupcakes in shades of brown, beige and white can look chic while adding to the theme. Art Deco, Since the release of the Great Gatsby, many brides have been dreaming of 20's inspired wedding receptions, and art deco cupcakes are perfect for adding to that vibe!