Thursday, June 30, 2016

Welcome back to the Industry?

It was only a few short months ago, I was ecstatic about going back in to the restaurant industry, full time. For the first time ever I would be a part of a grand opening team in a brand new restaurant! This is it, I thought! I'm finally out of Admin, the most boring j.o.b on the planet because it is just that. Booooringg. Now, 3 months into this I'm like, "What the hell was I thinking?!" Did I make the right decision? Is the grass always greener on the other side or maybe I should have just watered the grass that I was already standing on? Wait. I'm so confused. At this point, it's like, what am I willing to put up with in order to stay where I'm at? What will I not put up with? Where do I want to go from here? What do I want this to lead to? I realize, no matter what we do for work, there is ALWAYS someone, always, that will make your position harder than it actually should be. Why though? Power trip maybe? Most likely. Typically the person that got picked on in high school and now wants to make your life a living hell in order to feel good about what they do and for themselves. I'm over it though. Done. You can stick a fork in it. I'm too good for it and worth so SO much more than to be treated like crap. So, today was one of those days where I felt like this. Where I felt like, ok, I need to be out of the industry. For good. I decided a week ago that I was going to start taking some classes at Emory University for Creative Writing in the Fall and THEN shortly after making this decision, I was out at a favorite restaurant of mine in my neighborhood one night, STAPLEHOUSE, I met a gentleman visiting from Chicago. Guess what? He was a journalist at one time and now works for a marketing company... It's more of his passion. He was visiting the city for work. I told him some of my story, he said, "just start writing, you don't need school to become a writer." He continued to tell me that he went to school, and spent thousands of dollars to write. We chatted for awhile. Well, here I am, "just starting to write."