Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Always Praying for A Cure ~

October is such an exciting month, especially with all the hype of Football & Fall Festivities. But through all the hype, excitement we must take the time to celebrate the survivors, and remember & honor those who lost this battle. Football fans are in the pink this month because the NFL is getting on board with Breast Cancer Awareness along with the players, coaches, cheerleaders – even the officials – are sporting something pink on their uniforms. This month, pink ribbons will be displayed around our country, adorning jackets and public spaces alike. A sign of solidarity, these ribbons remind us of our commitment to preventing and treating breast cancer, and to supporting those courageously battling this disease. Countless Americans will participate in events to raise awareness alongside survivors and their families, working together to support research that will save lives.
We have come far in recent decades in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of breast cancer. Still, this year, hundreds of thousands of women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and too many will be lost. African-American women bear a particularly large burden, experiencing higher death rates from breast cancer than other racial or ethnic groups in the United States.

There are many ways you can help & contribute to the cause during the next few weeks. I will be making some mini 'Pink' cupcakes for Kay Jewelers on the 24th to hand out samples for the staff & guests who pass by in support!

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