Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Engagement Ring Cupcakes

Victorious Cupcakes from the United Kingdom shares how to make engagement ring cupcakes in honor of The Royal Wedding on 4.29.11

Vanilla cupcakes with Strawberries and Cream Filling.
Jam of your choice
500g of white fondant icing.
Navy paste food colouring

124 sugar diamonds
124 silver dragees
Edible glue or jam

Quilting too  l
Circle cutters
1. Cut 12 circles out to the same size as your cake and stick them to the top of your cakes with a brush of glue or jam. I roll the fondant so that it's a quarter of an inch thick.  Colour the remaining fondant navy and keep in an airtight bag.
2. With the quilting tool quilt the tops of the cakes.
3. With the navy fondant you coloured earlier, cut 12 ovals to fit the top of your cakes making sure you have enough room for the stones around the edge and stick them to the tops with a brush of glue or jam.
4. Stick 12 diamonds (per cupcake) around the edge of the navy fondant by using a tiny amount of glue on the point and then pressing it into the white fondant on the outside edge of the oval.
5. Stick one silver dragee in between each stone, pressing it (gently) down into the navy fondant.

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