Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's that time of year again... GRADUATION!

Looking for someone to make your star graduate something divine & sweet?!  Well look no further let ~elc~ do your Cupcakes today!  We have many different awesome flavors to choose from.  And whether your son or daughter is graduating from kindergarten, elementary school or middle school, there are plenty of ways to get your cupcakes to match the graduation theme.  First, you should determine what type of cupcakes to purchase for the graduation party.  Usually, vanilla or chocolate cupcakes should suffice for younger children but are also great for the teenagers & popular among adults as well!  However, you may wish to pick up a variety of different flavored cupcakes so everyone is satisfied.  When purchasing the cupcakes, make sure to ask for small graduation items placed on them to enhance the look of the cupcakes!  One of the most popular ways to decorate graduation cupcakes are miniature graduation caps.  Toothpicks are placed under the caps so it appears that the caps are being thrown into the air.
Don't be afraid to ask for different colors and styles too!  For instance, if your child's school colors are maroon and white, why not ask for maroon and white frosting for the cupcakes?  If you would like to forgo the miniature graduation caps, then consider asking for a miniature star added to the cupcake to symbolize your “star graduate.”  Or--even multiple stars on the cupcake to symbolize the graduates' accomplishments.

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