Friday, November 6, 2015

Because FALLing is usually what needs to be done before we can stand

It's here. The month of November. We meet again. Again and again I always feel like it's still the year 2011. Only in this month though. When things were, well, normal. At least I thought. Baking cupcakes, not having to worry about a boring, stressful job, dealing with co-workers that didn't mesh well with my personality or having to listen to the bickering of others. I was able to sleep in until late mornings and would watch my morning show, The View, an afternoon favorite was The Talk. I would write out some recipes or blog and maybe even talk to a friend. Some days I may even be able to get out and enjoy a great Brunch with my friend Jenny Chesser. At this time it's already been one year that I've not worked. My Husband at the time worked non-stop, he was a man with a plan, always had our best interests at heart, knew how to save for the worst of days and we normally would spend our "time" together for our Anniversary which was.. well, in November. Visiting a few great cities with just enough time to do it in, a short 4 days worth and it was back to reality. Fast forward 4 years later. It's now November 6th 2015. To say a lot has happened in the past four years, heck even five would be an understatement. Now, divorced and currently working in an office setting. Monday through Friday, early mornings, ok you get the picture. Before I was at a Country Club for about two years working 6 days a week as a Hostess and having to do very long days and maybe even getting a nap in either my car or the restaurant booth. Getting here hasn't been easy. At all. 2015 has been a great year for me overall, I truly believe I'm finally reaping the benefits of my hard work, so I really can't complain. I moved out of a suburbian area I had been dying to get out of for YEARS. I finally get to experience real Atlanta. Old Atlanta. A great area that is the "new up and coming." I also got a dog back in April. Not that I needed any more pets but I really wanted a dog after getting into a extremely stressful industry and not being able to sleep because of the anxiety. Charlie has been my saving grace. So, with lots of great new changes that have taken place and being able to hit a couple of my goals because I was so determined to NOT give up, I truly believe I am able to apply so much I have learned independently on my own now. I've come to realize that even though the industry I'm in now isn't my passion it's given me the financial stability I've needed since my Divorce. I've learned to push through when I don't feel like it. I've cried a lot. Yet I still fight. I don't give up. I'm a fighter and even a survivor. Sometimes I can't even believe it myself, that I've made it down here considering my family is still up North and I have very little of genuine friends I can connect with. I probably don't give myself enough credit as maybe we all don't at times. Life's tough. Life always goes on but it's tough and we all deal differently with the obsticals that may come up in our lives. My dream is to get to where I need to be. Sharing my gifts, being a joy for others to be around, giving advice and listening to others, seeing what their gifts are, pointing them in the right direction, knowing that I'm not the only one struggling to figure out how I need to get from Point A to Point B. So what is my passion? What am I in love with that gets me so excited to talk about with others? That would be, CREATING. Cupcakes? Duh. Of course, always, but other things as well. Wow, it feels so good to write again...

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